Not so little update

Greetings to ye!

Been four days now of me wanting to write and put something up, but for several reasons it’s taken me a good while to get around to it. WoW has demanded it’s daily tribute, I have my last class this term tomorrow which consists of presenting an essay I’ve written on alienation in Lagerkvist’s Bödeln and yesterday eating food from a newly opened local pizza bakery I came down with an agonizing case of bad shrimp. I have not entirely recovered, but have decided to soldier on in order to update my little slice of heaven.

First and foremost, I would like to give a shoutout to my talented artist friend Kimarah for the creation of a custom banner which has been on display since friday. She truly deserves all the thanks and flowers that I am too lazy to send her way. Hopefully I’ll be able to slap a link to her work onto the frontpage sometime soon. (Update: link now available under the blogroll.)

Now to the actual update from my side. I have been working on starting up my music review section and I’m looking forward to having it posted. What I’ve figured is to start things off I should review a couple of albums that have meant a lot to me and that I think show great quality. Sort of as a framework or a set of criterias for future reviews. This caused me to sit down on my floor with my pile of CDs and pretty much deam 99% of it not worth this level of praise. Somehow I hope that shows that although these initial works will be spoken very well of I am not incapable of criticising music that I enjoy. They were chosen out of my own collection (which content I might elaborate on further down the line, but is fairly extensive for someone my age) due to their, in my opinion, excellency.

Originally planning on making it five albums I had to settle with four because I couldn’t make up my mind about the fifth spot. In no particular order, the albums are The Perfect Element by Pain of Salvation, Opeth’s Still Life, The Sound of Perseverance by Death and last, but not least, To Ride, Shoot Straight and Spreak the Truth courtesy of Entombed. (Note: will have to wait til monday to put up death’s and entombed’s reviews, as I’ve got the essay presentation tomorrow and need to get that done)

Hope you enjoy the read,

Off ye go! (with any luck towards the reviews! ;))


A Short Introduction

Well met!

A few days ago I came across the blogosphere while running about the valleys of Alterac looking for lost horde to feed my hungering blade. Friends of mine have apparently been doing this whole telling-the-web thing for some time and looking at a few of their sites really got me thinking – I could use a place of my own (technically leased by WordPress as it may be).

Now WHAT – you might ask – would Para need a blog for? Isn’t there enough rancid sewage clogging up the interweb already? Do you feel it is MORALLY justifiable for you to put something you’ve written in a place where something informative, entertaining or even useful could exist? Shouldn’t you be out saving the world with Captain Planet? Have ninjas outstayed their welcome as an internet meme?

Ok, you might NOT be asking yourself those questions, but I do on occassion. And I believe that is what my weBLOG will service as. A place where I can take thoughts, questions and weird observations relating to my life that other people have no interest in answering. Perhaps it will also include works pertaining to what I eventually in a hypothetical future hope to get paid doing – reviews and/or translations.

For the reviews I’m considering pretty much anything culture related – such as (but not limited to) music, movies, games, books and puddings. For now I will exclusively decide upon subjects for review in an arbitrary fashion such as what I happen to come across and enjoy. For the translations I am much less decided about what direction to set out in. I would very much like to translate some works in swedish which I do not believe the english-speaking world has been blessed with yet. I’m somewhat concerned with the copyright issues of posting such material in it’s entirety, but will develop on that further down the road. I wouldn’t normally strain my nervous mind which such technicalities but even us swedes have been known to go to jail as of late for copyright infringement – or stealing what doesn’t exist in actuality. Like TIME THIEVES…guard your borders Warner Bros.

All too aware of the irony of calling this a short introduction I intend to leave you here, hopefully wanting more or at the very least mildly bemused by the theft of your precious minutes.

Now off with ye.

  • "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.
    And when you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

    - Frederick Wilhelm Nietzche